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Friday, September 11, 2020

MMT Primer Manuscript Filled Out -> Publishing Pause

I have wrapped up the first pass of my manuscript. It is mainly a MMT primer, but it is built around a discussion of the upcoming expansion, and whether it will repeat the experience of past cycles. Although I initially planned for a shorter book (as always!), the manuscript is nearly 50,000 words, which is short when compared to full-length books (a novel is typically at least 100,000 words, a 50,000 word fiction piece would be considered a novella), but longer than my earlier books. (The word count should drop as I edit the text, but I cannot see it dropping below 40,000 words.) 

Most of the content was previously published as articles here, and what I had been doing is a cleanup of text, and putting the sections together. I am now doing an editing pass where I am mainly eliminating topics that crop up in other places. Since I do not want to go "here's an article I published last month, with three paragraphs removed!" output here will be fairly low.

The text was fairly easy to write, and I hope it is easy to read. The hope is that this means that the next editing steps will be relatively painless. I simplified the formatting - no equations, nor footnotes/endnotes, so that final publication formatting is easier.

I might be organised and attempt to do a simultaneous release of all editions. This would add up to an extra month, but it means that I am not stuck in a position where the Kindle version is out much earlier than the paperback.

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