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This web site is about economics and finance, viewed from the point of view of a fixed income quantitative analyst. The site offers commentary about market trends, but does not offer investment advice. The objective is to look at what are the driving forces in the developed economies and markets, looking through the short-term distractions. There are also articles written to explain how to to develop models to analyse economies or fixed income securities.

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About Brian Romanchuk

I have developed this blog to share my ideas on what's happening in the world of fixed income analysis, and hopefully learn from you readers.

Previously, I worked at the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec from 2006-2013, starting as an analyst and ending as the head of the Fixed Income Quantitative Analysis team. From 1998-2005 I worked at BCA Research, an economic research firm based in Montréal.

I earned a doctorate in control systems engineering at the University of Cambridge, after a bachelor's in electrical engineering at McGill University. I held post-doctoral positions at Cambridge and McGill before moving to work in finance.

I am a CFA charterholder.

I reside near Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Brian Romanchuk


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As noted below, nothing on this website should be considered to be a recommendation to buy or sell securities. This website only discusses the general trends in the global economy. Investors need to understand their own investment objectives before undertaking investment strategies. 

The author (Brian Romanchuk) invests his personal portfolio, and what is written probably reflect that portfolio's positioning. Since I presumably believe what I am writing, that seems like a fairly safe bet.That said, it seems like a stretch that this blog is going to move the global interest rate complex.