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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

New Book Update

My MMT primer is chugging along. It is organised around a theme discussing the upcoming recovery after COVID-19 is vanquished (which may or may not be too optimistic a view on the pandemic). It is currently 16,000 words, without counting a few primers on fiscal policy I wrote in January/February.

My objective is to keep the text short, so that it acts a minimal length primer, aimed at readers who have some background in economics. I cannot promise any particular publishing date, but I hope for a quick turnaround. My publishing schedule is going to be somewhat more erratic, as I put up sections as I complete them.

Since I am focusing on this piece, my articles are going to remain MMT-centric. Once it is completed, I will be somewhat more eclectic in topics, as I expect to get back to Recessions: Volume II.

I am doing an experiment with the format: I have eliminated footnotes/endnotes. Although I enjoy making sarcastic remarks in footnotes, they disrupt the workflow for publication. By having straight text only, my non-Amazon distributor software allows for straight Word to EPUB conversion. This will allow near-simultaneous ebook release; paperback will still come after a delay. The ebook will be at an attractive entry price point, but the overhead costs of printing implies that the paperback price will end up closer to my other books.

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