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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Breakeven Inflation Book Entering Layout Phase

UPDATE: I've had to deal with other projects, but returning now to the breakeven book. I have run into formatting issues for the EPUB edition (Apple, Kobo, etc.) that I dealt with in the past by using kludgy workarounds. I am going to try basing the EPUB edition on the paperback files, and hopefully deal with the problem in a more systematic fashion. It may take a few days to validate that the EPUB edition is acceptable, at which point the ebook versions (EPUB and Kindle) will be released. The good news is that it means that I am also working on the paperback layout at the same time. However, I will want to see a physical proof of the paperback edition before releasing it.

I just want to announce a short publishing pause while I look over the edited text of my breakeven inflation book. Since the workflow for publishing has changed for me, and I have not yet read the documentation on the changes, I cannot promise any particular release date.

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