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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Paperback Edition Of Interest Rate Cycles Now Available

The paperback edition of Interest Rate Cycles: An Introduction is now available at It will be available online at other booksellers (including local Amazon stores), or by special order in brick and mortar stores, over the coming days/weeks. (The ISBN is 978-0-9947480-4-1)

It will take time for the "Look Inside" feature to be set up on the Amazon web site; you will need to look at the ebook page for now.

The book may be ordered directly from CreateSpace (the printer); the discount code S6AKAJNZ reduces the price by 20% (code only works only at Createspace!). (I believe that the CreateSpace store ships all of these orders from the United States.)

The paperback edition is 102 pages, excluding front matter.

Having worked out many of the kinks of paperback production, the paperback edition of Understanding Government Finance should be published relatively soon.


  1. Ordered...shipping cost to the UK not funny though 😉 look forward to reading it Brian.

    1. Thanks!

      It will appear on, and in other European Amazon stores "soon" (3-5 days max); it was not up on yet. Special order shipping costs will depend upon where the ordered copy is printed; I think the real problem area for shipping costs is Australia/New Zealand.

  2. You could have mentioned it would be on in a few days before I ordered from the US!! 😀

    1. Sorry - ugh. I forgot to specify "other Amazon stores" when I mentioned "other online stores". I do not get notifications, and since this the first time I published, I was unsure of the delays involved.


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