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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Money As Debt: A Visual Post-Script

Photo: 20 pound note, with IOU phrasing.

With respect to this earlier discussion. (H/T Neil Wilson, who reminded me that this phrasing is still on British pounds; I was looking at American bills, where I believe there was a variant of this phrasing.)


  1. OMG! You're not getting Canada back into the reed VOLUNTARILY:

    Warning: Conservativism is harmful to human beings.

    1. The Canadian Conservative Party was knocked out of Federal politics for almost all of the period 1935(?)-1986 (other than the Deifenbaker period) as a result of their austerity policies of the 1930s. (And to be fair, the Liberal Party was just as bad; they just managed to pin the blame on the Conservatives.) Growing up in the 1970s, older people still were mad when they talked about "Bennett Buggies" (look it up in Wikipedia).

      Back in the 1990s (the last period I followed partisan politics carefully), conservatives were well aware of that history. No idea how this amnesia crept in, especially amongst people labelling themselves "conservative".


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