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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Status Report: Summer Lull

I have been relatively productive writing recently — but not writing for my online articles. I am currently filling out as well as hacking and slashing my inflation book manuscript. Since it is largely not new content (although the previous Cantillon Effect primer was), no easy way to put it up on my website. Meanwhile, I am about to be hit with various distractions, and so I might not have much new content until August or so.

As for the inflation book, it is currently longer than I targeted — which continues the 100% track record of that happening. It is about 40,000 words — which puts it “novella” and not “novel” length, making it too thin for bookstores. (This is why I would not not shop it around to publishers — I would need to add content that I do not thing is really necessary for the premise of the book, rather than focussing on getting its length down. To hit “bookstore length,” I would need to weld two of my books together.)

The book is supposed to focus on what I see as “facts” about inflation: definitions used, some history, and theories that are absolutely incorrect. The idea is that I wanted something to deal with all the crackpot inflation theories I see in popular financial/economic commentary before dealing with the more complex question of what various plausible inflation theories are.

The weakness of my draft is that I have too much handwaving responses to the crackpot theories. I need to slash back the amount of text, and just offer the minimal reasoning why I disapprove of the the theories.

I will also need to add figures to beef out arguments wherever possible.

Once the content is in place, I will then do my own editing pass before passing it along to my outsourced editor.

I do have a chunky new section that might be interesting, which I might put up at the end of this week (or next). After that, I am not sure how much new content could be excerpted onto my websites.

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