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Friday, June 25, 2021

Economics/Finance Analysis Package

I wrote a free post on my Patreon discussing my open source econ_platform package, which is mainly in Python — although it supports other languages. (I produce my charts in R.) The package is available at

The article discusses the core of the package - the fetch() function. Using the fetch command allows me to generate this exciting Icelandic HICP inflation rate in just four lines of code (one of which is the boilerplate library initialisation command).

The package handles the ugly side of economic and financial analysis — the manipulation of input data. The package will automatically either go to the local database if the time series has been recently refreshed, or else queries the DB.nomics database to see if there has been an update. All the analyst needs to do to get the data is to know the DB.nomics ticker for the series — which you can get by browsing their website.

The article on Patreon is not paywalled, but it will be edited further and put into a design document PDF that will be available to my Patreon subscribers. My experience is that I want to segment my coding-related writing to my Patreon, where I can “sell” the writings about it in easy-to-produce PDFs, instead of trying to convert them to a book that can be sold online. I also expect that most of my readers on my blog and Substack are not coders, and so I will only send them links to the Patreon articles that might be of more general interest.

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