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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Note: Email Delivery (Feedspot) Being Discontinued

Feedspot is discontinuing its support for free e-mail distribution of blog articles, which takes effect within a few months. I will take a look to see whether there is a simple replacement. However, even if I find one, subscribers would probably need to re-enroll themselves manually.

I have not paid much attention to my email list since I discovered that some spammers had the idea of enrolling thousands of burner email addresses (with obviously gibberish names) on the list. (I doubt that they singled me out in particular, there is a lot of strange spam techniques that go on under the hood on the internet.) The tools that Feedspot gave to cull the fakes were too painful to use, so I gave up on managing the list. 

Having an e-mail list is normally viewed as a valuable asset. However, I am selling books that are widely available in online bookstores. The need to worry about compliance with data privacy and anti-spam laws (which Canada has) outweighs whatever advantage the mailing list provides.

Please drop a comment if you see getting articles by email as being valuable.

Otherwise, I am rushing a consulting project, so no article until the weekend.


  1. Hi Brian. I read all your posts, so I'd like it if you find another path to keep this going into the future. Stay Calm, Stay Well, and Carry On!

    1. I have until July to see what the options are. There’s a lot of blogs in the same boat, so there’ll probably be a lot of discussions. Right now, I’m tied up with a project, so I’ll wait to see what shows up,

  2. Definitely find the email feed to be valuable. You could try another blogging website like Medium or Wordpress?

    1. I’ve thought about switching, but dealing with setting up a website again is not what I want to deal with right now. I need a custom domain for my books, but I don’t want to be involved in managing the server (security, etc.).

      I have a few months (July?) and will see what options there are. There’s quite a few blogs in the same boat as myself, so I’ll expect there’ll be a lot of articles popping up discussing what other Blogger writers are doing.

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