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Monday, June 8, 2020

"Recessions: Volume I" Paperback Edition Published

The paperback edition of Recessions: Volume I has been published, and is available at online bookstores. Note that it has appeared first at Amazon, and will appear with a delay at other online bookstores.

The Books2Read website has links to the online stores that sell the ebook.

The paperback is longer than my previous reports, at 182 pages (excluding end matter).

In other recession news, the NBER has declared February to be the start date of the current recession. The more interesting question will be the end date of the recession. Although the economy is certainly expanding as shuttered industries are re-opened, we still face second round job losses and bankruptcies. The business cycle dating committee could easily decide to look through this short-term bounce, rather than split the recession into two time intervals.

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