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Friday, April 17, 2020

"Recessions: Volume I" Incoming

I have got the edited manuscript of Recessions: Volume I back from my editor. Although I wanted to do a simultaneous launch of all editions originally, I think it is best to get it out quickly. The book is longer than my previous reports, but still shorter than most books. (A novella rather than a novel.)

This means that the Amazon Kindle version will appear first, then the EPUB editions will trickle into the other online booksellers (Kobo, Scribd, Apple...), and then with a considerable delay, paperback. (The formatting for paperback is very different than an ebook, since page lengths are fixed, while ebook chapters are glorified open-ended web pages. I then want to see a printed proof, since as I discovered the hard way, the file used for printing can be mangled versus the PDF proof that can be viewed online.) 

Please note that if the reader wants to take advantage of the ebook matching programme at Amazon (buy the paperback, get the ebook edition thrown in for free), you will need to wait for the paperback edition to be released.

Since I still need to look at what the edits entail (and do final formatting, like a title page), no timelines for release.

Since I will be tied up with editing/formatting, I doubt that I will be posting anything other than rants in the coming days.

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