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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Book Status Report

Summer weather has finally hit Montreal, and I'm now looking at my plans for the summer. My manuscript on recessions has hit 50,000 words, and I still have to cover neoclassical economics approaches. My publishing strategy is to keep my books short which allows me to keep them at a lower price point. (It might not be a good strategy, but that is another question.) I will have to look over the manuscript to verify feasibility, but I think the best course of action is to split the project into two books.

The two parts would be split as follows:
  1. Empirical and Post-Keynesian approaches to recessions.
  2. Interest rates and recessions (housing market and neoclassical approaches), and non-forecastability of recessions.
It is not clear that this is best split of topics, but it matches the rough order in which I have been writing (the first part is near complete).

If I follow this plan, I should be able to publish the first part by about November 2018 2019 (based on my past form). Otherwise, it would be probably at least six months later than that, unless I greatly strip down my planned coverage of neoclassical theory.

As for my programming projects, the Python platform has been "in production" for a couple of weeks now, and I am now just incrementally adding features. As for the sfc_models package, it is being tied to the platform, which makes it easier to use (but not adding new modelling features).


  1. "If I follow this plan, I should be able to publish the first part by about November 2018..."

    Too late :-( Good luck with your book work, I've enjoyed reading your posts!

  2. Oh no!! Brian, you've used the horrid expression ''price point''! What does it add to the simple word ''price''?

    1. Didn’t think about it. Looking at what I wrote (which I wrote quickly), the idea is that it’s more about the pricing strategy for the line of books than just setting a particular price ($7.99 or whatever).


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