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Monday, December 10, 2018

Paperback Edition Of Breakeven Inflation Analysis Now Available

My latest book Breakeven Inflation Analysis (link to book description page) is now available as a paperback at online stores. It is available at the regional Amazon sites, as well as being listed on some other retail book websites.

The book is effectively an extended report, at 124 pages, excluding end matter, and an appendix that is a reprint of a section from an earlier book.

If you order the paperback edition from Amazon, the book is enrolled in the Matchbook programme, which means that you are also eligible to get the Kindle ebook version for free as a bonus. Please note that it may take up to a few days for this feature to be available.

 In case you have missed the earlier book announcement, this book is at an intermediate level of difficulty, and aimed more at a professional audience with a technical interest in inflation-linked bonds. There is a discussion of the pricing mechanics and market behaviour for those who are not familiar with the bond markets. It also includes a discussion of the macroeconomic forces that affect breakeven inflation levels. However, the book does not attempt to cover the theory of what determines inflation, as that is a controversial subject in economics, and would overshadow the rest of the contents of the book.

Source code used to do pricing calculations is available online at As the name suggests. the calculations are simplified to allow ease of understanding, and so abstracts away from the complications like day count conventions, calendar quirks, etc. By pushing the calculations to this library, the book is not cluttered with the equations.

Now that the all the editions are available, I will now attempt to market it. I will be running excerpts of some sections over the coming weeks.

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