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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Publishing Update

My next book - Breakeven Inflation Analysis - is in its final stages before publication. Unless something goes wrong, the Amazon ebook (Kindle) version should appear within a few days; the non-Amazon ebooks (Apple, Kobo, ...) may face unknown delays.

I have been fighting with various formatting issues for the non-Kindle ebooks. One solution was to have nice generic formatting (courtesy of the document conversion of my distributor), but at the cost of breaking endnote links. Since all of my reference material is in endnotes (footnotes in paperback), this was not particularly attractive. I have instead gone a different route, but it embeds custom encrypted fonts in the EPUB file. The presence of the encrypted fonts may cause difficulties with acceptance with some retailers. I will probably only find out the magnitude of the problem once I actually submit to distribution.

More News

Since I do not want to be ambushed (again) by paperback formatting problems, I will be waiting for a printed proof before publishing. That means that there will be a further delay for the paperback edition.

Although I have repeatedly announced that my next project will be on business cycles, it is possible that I may instead sneak in a shorter report on floating currency sovereign default before that one. Since it ought to qualify for a contender for the World's Shortest Book prize, I might be able to squeeze it off without slowing the business cycle book too much. I will start writing draft articles, and see how it goes. The business cycle book research would continue, interspersed with the default risk work.

Finally, I have hit a brick wall with the non-Amazon ebook distribution of An Introduction to SFC Models Using Python. I need to use a PDF style fixed page format to avoid breaking the whitespace in Python code. I am unable to distribute PDFs via my distributor, and I do not see demand being large enough for the PDF edition for me to open a new channel for PDF distribution. So the only editions will be paperback and Kindle, where I can distribute fixed format books.

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