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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Comment On sfc_models Development, Upcoming Reports

My work is now largely driven by my book publishing. Once I finish off the breakeven inflation analysis report, I might do a book of primers on fractional reserve banking. This would be a short book of blog articles that are largely repackaged as-is, with just some editorial cleanup (similar in concept to Abolish Money (From Economics)!). The next big project would likely be on business cycle analysis; the research for it would start relatively soon (and thus show up as blog articles). (However, I am looking to become more opportunistic for report topics. If there is an exciting crypto-Armageddon angle that pops up, I might go for that.)

The business cycle book is where I would start looking at extending the sfc_models package again. Although the book would be empirically-focused, I would want to build up a small suite of business cycle models to illustrate theoretical points. 

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