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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Python SFC Models Book Being Formatted

I am now formatting the Python SFC models book. I am trying a new layout technique, so no promises for the delivery time. I was going to do a promotional summary today, but other things popped up. I may do one shortly, but I wanted to just put up an announcement rather than miss publishing on my regular publication day.

UPDATE: The initial formatting pass is finished, but there are still some kinks to work out. I will be waiting for the printed proof before publishing, and so the publication date will not be immediate.


  1. Well I am going to do a promotional comment after watching the video of your presentation at the MMT conference. I saw it courtesy of Tom Hickey at Mike Norman Economics. Can't link to the video but here is a link to what Hickey posted. Very good stuff. Thanks.

    I enjoyed it.

  2. Thanks. When I looked when first posted, my session was missing, but it’s there now - yay.

    1. From my perspective, you are also right! Most of the time...:)


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