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Monday, September 25, 2017

Conference Presentation

This is the link to the streams for the presentations at the Modern Monetary Theory conference: My presentation was in the stock-flow consistent models panel, which is the second on the list (Friday AM). (I did not watch the presentation myself; my browser had problems with loading it, and I did not have time to see why.) The conference was very interesting, and it was nice to meet up with people with whom I had been in contact online. I was all looking forward to writing up my impressions of the conference, but I contracted a cold that hit when I was flying back. As a result, nothing much got done today.

I should write something up soon, but as a spoiler, I think the outlook for MMT is good. The new textbook (April 2018 was the projected publication date) will greatly help to build up MMT's credibility amongst those (like myself) who lack access to a research library and journal publications.

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  1. Brian, I think the link you provided is only good for the live broadcast, as in it doesn't work once you were done speaking. But I am mostly computer incompetent and would appreciate if someone told me how to view the event. Hopefully MMT ideas will be more contagious than the cold you caught :) I hope you feel better soon!


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