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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Summer Schedule

I have been tied up with various non-writing projects (as well as being hit by some kind of virus this week), so I will be now dropping to a summer schedule. Unless I want to write a quick rant about something, I will aim for one weekly article, probably published on Wednesdays. (Although this is not a subscription service, I try to keep to a weekly writing schedule.)

Yeah, the Fed hiked rates this week. Not worth getting excited about, until they are hiking every second meeting...


  1. I hope you feel better soon and develop an increased desire to rant more often. While I can not reasonably complain that your summer plans will happen to deprive me of a valuable source of information and education, I have never let reason stand in the way of something important. Therefore your planned summer schedule is unacceptable. Although I have not yet developed the arguments, it is probably unethical, immoral, and irresponsible among other things. In addition, you will be limiting your opportunity to read scintillating comments such as this. I trust that realization will change your mind!

    Enjoy the Summer and thanks :)

    1. Thanks. I could try shorter pieces, but they always end up being the same length...

  2. Brian, I completely understand, many people don't appreciate the work that goes into a good blog. My advice is keep your comments short and enjoy your summer. I should take my own advice!


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