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Monday, July 4, 2016

Understanding Government Finance - Paperback Edition Released

The paperback edition of Understanding Government Finance has been released. It is currently available at the Amazon stores in the United States and the United Kingdom, and will appear at other Amazon regional sites over the next few days. (Not all of them, unfortunately.) It will be available at other retailers either on online stores or via special order, but it may take weeks for it to appear elsewhere.

The ISBN is 978-0-9947480-5-8.

The information in the Amazon product page listing will take time to appear, including the "Look Inside" feature and the link to the Kindle edition.

The paperback is 122 pages (103 excluding front matter). There are small modifications from the ebook version, and an index was added.

Once the paperback edition is linked to the Kindle edition (within a few days), you should be offered the ability to get the Kindle edition for free if you buy the paperback. (The "book matching program.") (Since I already own the Kindle edition, I do not see this option, so I have not tested it. The same is true for Interest Rate Cycles.)

You could also buy the book directly from CreateSpace (the printer - page link). You can use the same discount code as Interest Rate Cycles (link to page)  for 20% off the list price (USD $8.95):  S6AKAJNZ . (The CreateSpace store ships from the United States, so this option may only be of interest to my American readers.)

Happy 4th of July!

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