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Thursday, July 14, 2016

UMKC Post-Keynesian Conference

For those of you with an interest in post-Keynesian economics, just a reminder that the 13th annual Post-Keynesian Conference at UMKC is on September 15-18th. I was not sure that the schedule would work for me, but I will be heading out there. (Assuming I book a flight to Missouri, and not Kansas. American geography was never my strong point.)

Some of the highlights of the conference (from the web site) include:

Keynotes will include presentations by Lord Robert Skidelsky, William Mitchell, Anwar Shaikh, and James Galbraith.

Conference themes will include:

  • The 70th and 20th Anniversaries of Bretton Woods
  • The Shoulders of Giants: contributions of our forefathers and foremothers
  • The Future of Post Keynesian Economics; Can Euroland Survive?
  • Tapering and the end of QE
  • Is secular stagnation the New Normal?
  • The dangerous fantasy of Growth through Austerity
  • The role of BRICS in the developing world
  • Has China offered a New Economic Model?
  • Modern Money Theory, Functional Finance, and Job Guarantee/ELR


  1. I'll be there too, presenting on a panel or two. Will be nice to meet in person.

    1. Should be good. After hours panel: "Alternate Voices: Econblogging and the Mainstream Narrative."


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