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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Interest Rate Cycles - Coming This Week

UPDATE: (May 23rd) - The text is now available at a few online bookstores, including Amazon, Kobo, and Apple. Will have a full description set up tomorrow.

The text for Interest Rate Cycles: An Introduction is complete, and should appear in online bookstores next week. Once again, it is being published in ebook format only in the short term, but I am looking into the format conversion for a paperback version. I will have a longer description when it is released.

The report is over 27,000 words, which makes it about the third of a size of a traditional paper back (100,000). There are about 40 charts. It is aimed at an audience that is familiar with business cycle concepts, but less familiar with monetary theory. I have attempted to keep the theoretical background to a minimum, rather I wanted to emphasise how the theory fits in with post-1990 modern monetary history and market behaviour. There is some material which should be of interest to more advanced readers.

The Victoria Day long weekend is the traditional weekend for planting in most of Canada, as the risk of frost is finally past. Since I will be outdoors most of the day, it will take at least a couple of days for the report to show up at retailers.

I will probably put it at the same price as Understanding Government Finance. (It would be really nice if I knew what the demand curve was for my reports, so that I could optimise my profits...)

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