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Book Reviews (and Information About my Books)

This link will take you to the list of posts in the "Books" category (or you can use the control on the right of the web page). These articles include my book reviews, as well as news about my books (which I hope are a useful resource).

The books chosen to be reviewed are generally those which I believe are interesting; they may not be recent. I do not necessarily agree with the author of the book, but I will generally only review the books that I feel are worthwhile. (This is why I do not have a rating scheme in the reviews; my selection is skewed towards books that I consider to be good.)

Stock-Flow Consistent Models, Modern Monetary Theory, and Post-Keynesian Economics

Programming-Research System

Open source library code I have created:

I discuss these projects on

I am currently building up my personal research system using open source tools. This is taking awhile as I am teaching myself how to program in R. The software I am using:

Data Sources

 This list is small, and is expected to grow.

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